Trenton Cycling Revolution is an all-volunteer community organization, originally founded in the 1990s. Our mission is to create a safe and healthy environment for bicyclists in Greater Trenton through education, engagement, advocacy and promotion.
For 22 years, we have been coordinating the Tour de Trenton, an annual leisurely ride through Trenton. The Tour de Tour promotes healthy lifestyles and raises awareness of bicycle safety throughout the region, while showcasing the city’s neighborhoods, tourist attractions and many hidden gems for residents and visitors alike.


  • Increase the number of people using bicycles as transportation.
  • Create a safe environment for bicyclists.
  • Provide security for bicycles.
  • Improve the quality of the environment.
  • Increase linkages between bicyclists, pedestrians and users of public transportation.
  • Improve the health of individuals and families by providing opportunities for recreation.
  • Provide opportunities for education and advocacy.
  • Create a Master Plan for Bicycling.


  • Helen Dudar
  • Dan Fatton
  • Jacque Howard
  • Lisa Kasabach
  • Wills Kinsley
  • Jeff Laurenti
  • Trish Long
  • Don Pillsbury
  • Jim Simon
  • John S. Watson, Jr.
  • Abdul Wiswall

Past Members

  • Andy Carten
  • Mary Helen Cerventes
  • Jaime Ewalt
  • Karen Jenkins
  • Jon Naar
  • Matt Rawls
  • Karen Riedeburg
  • Alysia Welch-Chester