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2018 Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

Trenton Cycling Revolution is an all-volunteer community organization, originally founded in the 1990s. Our mission is to create a safe and healthy environment for bicyclists and pedestrians in Greater Trenton through education, engagement, advocacy and promotion.

For 22 years, we have been coordinating the Tour de Trenton, an annual leisurely ride through Trenton. The Tour de Tour promotes healthy lifestyles and raises awareness of bicycle safety throughout the region, while showcasing the city’s neighborhoods, tourist attractions and many hidden gems for residents and visitors alike.

Please consider these questions and return via email by April 25th. Answers will be posted on our website, shared via social media and to our email list.

Trenton has a nationally recognized complete streets policy and multiple plans to improve bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, some of which are listed below.

Complete Streets Resolution – 2012

Proposed Complete Streets

Trenton Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Here are our questions

  1. Of the recommendations outlined in these plans, which would your administration prioritize and which do you see as more long term projects?

  2. Many of the improvements require a multi-agency cooperation to be completed. How specifically would you get the city, county and state governments working together to implement them?

  3. If elected, how would your administration work with TCR and other community groups to support successful events like the Tour de Trenton?

  4. Would your administration work with and be in support of a bike-share program operating in Trenton?

  5. Will your administration be guided by the principles of Environmental Justice in its approach to making Trenton a more walkable, bike-able and livable city?