//Federal Transportation Alternatives Program Needs Support

Federal Transportation Alternatives Program Needs Support

TCR recently signed on to a letter to Senator Toomey regarding the Transportation Alternatives Program.  Thankfully, the Senator decided not to offer his amendment striking Sec. 213 Transportation Alternatives Program from the U.S. Code.  He had filed it against the Senate Finance Committee bill extending and funding MAP-21 into next year, but took no further action on its behalf. The bill passed Committee, but has become embroiled in a larger Senate skirmish on how or if to extend MAP-21.  Many factors undoubtedly influenced Sen. Toomey’s decision not to pursue his anti-TAP amendment, but most certainly the incredible outpouring of support for TAP from Pennsylvanians, and groups like ours was among them.

In the past few weeks, bike/ped/trail supporters have fought and prevailed in three congressional battles over continued federal funding for active transportation, Safe Routes to School, and the Recreational Trails Program. It seems our Congressional leadership needs to hear from us even more to better understand the importance of increasing funding for valuable active transportation programs.