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Complete Streets Champions

On October 21, the Trenton Green Team (several TCR members are representatives) was honored at the New Jersey Complete Streets Summit with a “Complete Streets Champions” award. We are grateful for the recognition and thank the summit facilitators for the honor. We are very proud of the nationally ranked complete streets policy that Trenton passed in 2012 and we’ve been supportive of the early steps toward implementation, which many community stakeholders encouraged and helped facilitate.

Particularly as we have just accepted an award for championing this policy, we must remain vigilant and speak loudly about the need for REAL implementation here in Trenton.

With state, county and city policies effectively covering every inch of street in Trenton, ALL streets projects within city limits need consideration for what the complete streets policies mean, during design, redesign, engineering, paving, repaving, striping processes. In every phase of every project, are the needs of all users being considered? If not, why not? Are the state, county and city coordinating with each other and outside entities (like the DRJTBC) on streets projects in Trenton?

Yet on a recent trip to city hall, we couldn’t help but notice the posters hanging throughout the atrium, possibly touting the street project “successes” of the administration. Unfortunately, these posters illustrate the immense work that still needs to be done to make our streets complete. In fact, photos of the posters are included here, with some commentary:

The new crossing on Market Street near Mercer County Community College Kerny Campus, with lane width reductions achieved through striping and plastic barriers, is encouraging and an example of the innovative street design Trenton could embrace in multiple locations throughout the city. More of this, please: