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Not Quite Complete

I usually try to use this space to talk about positive things happening on the streets of Trenton. We catch more flies with honey, right?

But lately, it has been increasingly frustrating to witness absence of care for our city’s streets and total lack of attention to detail. Here are just a few examples:



We have been very supportive of the South Market and South Warren Street project that added bike lanes to our downtown. However, several months after the project was completed, cars park freely along South Market Street on a daily basis. Why haven’t the meters been installed yet? Would it be asking too much to install electronic meter boxes that cities like Philadelphia and Asbury Park have started utilizing? Probably. Maybe that is why  the meter poles have stood empty for months. We’re waiting on a state-of-the-art electronic system.


Another unfinished remnant of the project can be found just two blocks away on John Fitch Way. There has been a very clear drainage issue since the project was “completed” yet this bucket sat in the puddle for months. News flash: this bucket isn’t working to fix the problem.

Also noticeably unfinished, the street lamps have still not been installed. You can see the spot next to the sign post. Now to be fair, this may not be the city’s responsibility. But should someone at the city be insisting that the utilities come and do the installation? It seems that leaving the bases exposed creates a potential electrical hazard. Or we could just wait months and months and months…


Speaking of electrical hazards and months of inaction, this situation on Market Street near the corner of Jackson Street makes me the most angry. I remember clearly the day that a truck brought down the wires by making a terrible turn. It was right after Hurricane Sandy, probably a week later. Everyone had just gotten their power restored and the truck took it away again. THIS is how the street was left. Can anyone imagine this being acceptable nearly a year after an accident in a suburban town? Would the utility dare to leave the sidewalk, bricks, wires like this on a busy thoroughfare? Would the elected officials do something to fix the problem? Or notice?