/Ride to Bordentown

Ride to Bordentown

On September 17, several members of Trenton Cycling Revolution attempted to ride to Bordentown, traveling through South Trenton.

Ride to Bordentown Pre-Ride Photo

Near the entrance to an off-road trail, we found some illegally dumped garbage. We reported this dumping to the Department of Environmental Protection and will monitor the situation to make sure if gets cleaned up.

Illegal Dumping

Although we had a good time exploring the trails, some of the path was still flooded from Hurricane Irene, and we couldn’t reach our intended destination. We doubled back toward Trenton, stopping for a quick picture along the river.

River View

The Riverfront Park in South Trenton is a great place to walk and bike!

Park Shot

We’ll arrange for more rides in the area. Please join us next time!