/Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

On Saturday, April 2, Trenton Cycling Revolution members spent two hours cleaning the new section of bike path in Trenton’s North Ward. Our friends from East Coast Greenway helped to move signage along the path, brought donuts and coffee in the morning and thankfully had garbage bags in their truck.

We removed 7 bags of trash, 1 bag of recyclables, three tires, 9 tanks of helium/propane/freon, two garbage buckets, a mattress pad, shopping cart, chicken coop, and a really old, headless doll.

April 2 Clean-up Crew

Someone had recently cut back the vegetation, though their efforts could best be described as a hack job. They certainly failed to remove the invasive species and there was plenty of debris left on the trail. Despite our best efforts, there is definitely more trash next to the roadway, along Route 1 North, just south of the Mulberry Street exit. Perhaps an adopt-the-highway team could work on removing litter from this area.

We’ll also contact authorities about the cooking oil that was dumped and left to rot right next to the stream.

Illegal dumping

Hopefully this spring, the D&R Canal Commission can work with other government agencies to finish the trail and re-paint the street signage, since the crosswalks are now basically invisible.

Most of the crosswalk paint is worn away.
Many thanks to everyone who helped on Saturday morning, particularly the dynamic Pillsbury duo, who helped cart our debris back to the collection site with their awesome tandem bike.

Don and Ashley Pillsbury help cart away the trash.

This section of the trail will be featured on our 2011 Trenton Bike Tour – please join us on Saturday, May 21!