Call the D&R Canal State Park Superintendent

More than a year ago, on a bike ride through Trenton I noticed some very creepy graffiti scrawled across the path on the new section of the D&R Canal.

On September 27, 2012 I reported and shared a photo of the graffiti with D&R Park Superintendent Patricia Kallesser and her staff in a meeting at the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

Recently a reporter for Streetsblog NYC was scoping out trails in our vicinity and decided to ride through Trenton. Here was one of his tweets:

Stephen Miller@miller_stephen 14 Sep

Welcome to Trenton! =( cc

More than a year after it was first reported, nothing has been done about the graffiti!
Please call Superintendent Kallesser and ask her why the Trenton section of our trails are not maintained with the same care as other sections. Her number and email are posted online here.


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A New Fork in the Path

Thank you to Jeff Laurenti for sending us this trail update!

On a bike outing this evening in the hour before sunset I made what for me was a welcome discovery.

A New Path

Returning eastbound from Ewing along the D&R Canal, I was surprised to discover, at the fork where the canal and its path veer right toward Prospect Avenue and the downtown, that the left path looked free of the impassable stones that have made it an impossible cycling option.


I decided I would try the left prong to head directly to the Battle Monument.  Magically, the stony surface has been cleared and the path is now of eminently cyclable quality.  (Not perfect–it seems a bit soft; but it’s usable.) While this mile-long stretch departs from the canal, it also avoids the many grade-crossings of downtown streets that chop up the path in the center of the city. A welcome new cycling option!


For a map of the path Jeff is referencing, please click here. Good news!

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D&R Greenway through Trenton

Trenton Cycling Revolution was proud to support the City of Trenton’s recent application for bikeway funding from NJDOT. We submitted a letter of support for the NJDOT Bikeway funding application.

One piece of our letter:

“According to the American Community Survey of 2005-09, more than 6% of Trentonians commute to work each day by bike or foot, which is notable. More than 30% of the city’s households do not own a car at all. The road conditions in Trenton are not ideal for bicycling and walking: the bike lane system is fragmented; and parks in our community need serious upgrades.”

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Ride to Bordentown

On September 17, several members of Trenton Cycling Revolution attempted to ride to Bordentown, traveling through South Trenton.

Ride to Bordentown Pre-Ride Photo

Near the entrance to an off-road trail, we found some illegally dumped garbage. We reported this dumping to the Department of Environmental Protection and will monitor the situation to make sure if gets cleaned up.

Illegal Dumping

Although we had a good time exploring the trails, some of the path was still flooded from Hurricane Irene, and we couldn’t reach our intended destination. We doubled back toward Trenton, stopping for a quick picture along the river.

River View

The Riverfront Park in South Trenton is a great place to walk and bike!

Park Shot

We’ll arrange for more rides in the area. Please join us next time!

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Greening Trenton

Trenton Cycling Revolution was happy to submit a letter of support to accompany the city’s application for Greening America’s Capitals technical assistance program.

“As avid users of the bicycle network in our area, we know there is a pressing need for signage and infrastructure improvements. Upgrades to the bike network, and pedestrian crossings are urgently needed.  Clearly marking the roads with better signage for all users, particularly visitors, could help riders better recognize and take advantage of places of interest in close proximity to the train station. Trenton Cycling Revolution supports any programs that will improve the street system in Trenton.”

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Spring Cleaning

On Saturday, April 2, Trenton Cycling Revolution members spent two hours cleaning the new section of bike path in Trenton’s North Ward. Our friends from East Coast Greenway helped to move signage along the path, brought donuts and coffee in the morning and thankfully had garbage bags in their truck.

We removed 7 bags of trash, 1 bag of recyclables, three tires, 9 tanks of helium/propane/freon, two garbage buckets, a mattress pad, shopping cart, chicken coop, and a really old, headless doll.

April 2 Clean-up Crew

Someone had recently cut back the vegetation, though their efforts could best be described as a hack job. They certainly failed to remove the invasive species and there was plenty of debris left on the trail. Despite our best efforts, there is definitely more trash next to the roadway, along Route 1 North, just south of the Mulberry Street exit. Perhaps an adopt-the-highway team could work on removing litter from this area.

We’ll also contact authorities about the cooking oil that was dumped and left to rot right next to the stream.

Illegal dumping

Hopefully this spring, the D&R Canal Commission can work with other government agencies to finish the trail and re-paint the street signage, since the crosswalks are now basically invisible.

Most of the crosswalk paint is worn away.
Many thanks to everyone who helped on Saturday morning, particularly the dynamic Pillsbury duo, who helped cart our debris back to the collection site with their awesome tandem bike.

Don and Ashley Pillsbury help cart away the trash.

This section of the trail will be featured on our 2011 Trenton Bike Tour – please join us on Saturday, May 21!

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US Bikeways Project

Adventure Cycling Association is working with a number of states on planning, routing and overall implementation of the National Corridor Plan into on-the-ground routes. Here’s a few that they are working with right now: Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin, California, Oregon, and Washington. Other states are just getting started: North Dakota, Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Utah. And still more are reported to be ready to go: Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. All these states are in different stages of development and have varied techniques for implementation based upon resources, volunteers, and governmental structure. For more information, click here.

Trenton Cycling Revolution thinks this is a great idea; we just wish New Jersey were listed. Let’s make this happen in the Garden State!

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D&R Canal Path Construction

Trenton Cycling Revolution is excited about the progress being made to re-connect the entirety of the D&R Canal Path.

“I think it’s great that they’re closing the gap,” said Dan Fatton, chairman of the Trenton Cycling Revolution, a community advocate for biking in the greater-Trenton area. “The missing link has been an issue for bikers for a long time.”

“It was sad there was a missing link in the trail that prevented people from using the full stretch and it was worse that the gaps prevented people from enjoying our capital city of Trenton, which has many beautiful neighborhoods, in addition to its wealth of historic resources,” said Fatton.

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