//Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire – Perez Response

Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire – Perez Response

2014 Trenton Mayoral Candidates

On February 24, TCR emailed a list of 8 questions to the mayoral candidates requesting their responses by March 28.

On May 15, the Paul Perez campaign submitted the third set of responses to the TCR mayoral candidate questionnaire. Please click here to read the full text of Mr. Perez’s responses.

We were encouraged that Mr. Perez and his team had looked up the actual text of Trenton’s nationally ranked complete streets policy:

The plan is to adhere to overall objectives authorized by council in March of 2012 and dovetail it with the context of the Perez Transportation outlined on our website: http://www.paulperezformayor.com/platform-2/transportation-plan/   This planning will recognize the interconnected multimodal network of the street grid, its intersections that cross pedestrian and bicycle paths, and will emphasize working with Mercer County, DRJBC, AECOM and state agencies through existing planning efforts to ensure complete street principles are incorporated in a context sensitive manner.

We appreciate the effort to quote text from the policy language in the second half of his answer, and hope everyone knows what those acronyms actually mean. As for the “Perez Transportation” (plan) – that may require another blog post in the future.

The second half of the answer to our question about the Assunpink Greenway was also especially noteworthy:

This effort must be combined with current greenway efforts in Trenton to ensure the capacity of Trenton’s portion of the Greenway is consistent with its surrounding townships. We would seek to augment our planning efforts in partnership with the DVRPC, stakeholders in the region, and residents along the Assunpink.  We would also seek to attract additional funds to support infrastructure, tourist and historic destination elements.

The disparity in greenway maintenance in Trenton is an issue we’ve written about previously, and we agree about both the need to work in partnership with DVRPC, and to engage residents that live along the Assunpink.

Perhaps the answer most worth quoting in its entirety had to do with encouraging bicycle and pedestrian activity in Trenton:

Paul Perez believes that increasing bicycle traffic for city residents can be an enjoyable experience and can open up several recreational activities for bicyclers that would help our economy grow.  Bicycle traffic initiatives will include:

•Rebates for businesses that create bicycle parking infrastructures at the workplace or facility;

•Increase use of bike paths throughout the city to increase bike riding;

•Improved infrastructure for bike riders, including bike gates for locking bicycles and parking, particularly at city-owned workplaces.

We appreciate the recognition that providing recreational activities (and infrastructure!) for bicyclists may help our local economy. The second bullet point seems like more of an outcome than a tactic, but we’ll gladly join Mr. Perez (or anyone) on Trenton bike paths. The emphasis on bike parking is interesting, and those approaches may lead to an increase in activity, though we have some ideas on other ways to improve the bike and pedestrian friendliness of our city.

Mr. Perez was the most succinct in responding to our question about bike riding abilities:

Yes, the summer of 2013.

Overall, thoughtful replies from Mr. Perez with some very good ideas, and we appreciate the response!

 Here again is the link to the full text of the TCR questionnaire from Mr. Eric Jackson.

Trenton Cycling Revolution is non-partisan and will not be making an endorsement in the 2014 Trenton mayoral election. However, as concerned citizens and residents, we want to understand the positions of the candidates. We are especially interested in how each candidate might build upon our success developing a bicycle and pedestrian culture in Trenton and which candidates might disrupt our progress.